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Kairos opened its doors to serve the display needs of the local retailers in Singapore in 2006. With so much competition, retailers need to set their stores apart from others in order to attract customers and business.

Over the years, the retail setting has become highly specialized and sophisticated. The once considered industry standard in retail store displays have now evolved into highly customised store display stands that are designed especially to compliment the image of each product line and the ambience and environment of the business premises.

Kairos has evolved and prospered with this trend. Starting from offering creative designing services and then diversifying into the field of acrylic display stand industry , we at Kairos pride ourselves on our impeccable reputation through the years as the people to turn to when you need display design concepts for your high quality products. With our management of 8 years experience, we have served brand names like Sony Ericsson, Canon, Clinique, Inovi Cosmetic, Panasonic, etc.

With industry ties dating back to the early 2000's, Kairos has the knowledge and experience to provide the superior service and quality expected in today's market. We custom design and offer a wide range of acrylic product display stands from standard designs to the most complicated custom finished products, providing the retailer with both low cost and excellent quality products all built to their specifications and satisfaction.

Kairos display stands offer a wide variety of design choices to help you display just about any thing that you can imagine. No matter how simple or complex your display needs are, Kairos has the ability and expertise to bring your Point of Purchase displays to life. Our display stands are so well designed, precisely manufactured, and beautifully finished because we craft each of them with consistent quality, care and pride. We are known for our creative design, craftsmanship, quality and service in fabrication and finishing.

With Kairos, possibilities are endless. Just tell us what you require and we'll craft it!

Our Business Philosophy

Display stands make shopping easier for customers. They highlight sale items, new arrivals, special events and introductory offers. The crucial principle involved in the art of creating display stands is striking the right balance.

Kairos product stands while enhancing the brand image of our retailer client’s product is designed not to distract focus from the product which it showcases. The concept behind each of our designs is to communicate that what's being seen isn't ordinary and that it is something special. In ways subtle and overt, it conveys the retailer’s message to its targeted prospective clients and creates a brand image, appeal and demand.

Our Location

While our design and service office is based in Singapore, a hub city of latest international design trends, technological innovations and advances, our production facility is based just across the straits in Johor (Malaysia) which offers cheaper overhead costs like labour, raw materials and warehousing.

These separate facilities permit Kairos to harness and exploit the creative expertise of an excellent and experienced design team armed with knowledge of latest trends and technology and produce high quality products at more cost effective rates.

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Every company in the modern retail business needs to display its products. Be it a computer and electronic device, jewelry, eyewear, literature, ornament, clothing apparel or mobile phone all of these products have a brand image or product image to project to its targeted consumer when it is displayed.

The modern product display concept has transcended the traditional idea of simply just propping up a product to show to customers. Nowadays, the display stand on which the product is launched is also a part of the brand image of the product. So any regular display stand just won’t do.

Kairos meets all your acrylic product display stand requirements. We manufacture and sell a wide range of quality, contemporary-design display cases of the highest craftsmanship and finish which many well know brands in Singapore and abroad promote their products and brand image.

We specialise in custom designing product display stands and have experience of over a decade in creative design and product display stands. With our high quality screen printing service, we offer custom designed product display stands with your logo and lettering to aid in promoting your products & services.

Whether your project and requirement is large or small, we have the experience and expertise to meet any and all of your requirements and specifications. Our state of the art manufacturing facilities have the capability of producing display stands from very simple to highly complex and sophisticated state of the art displays to showcase your product the way you want to portray it.

With an endless number of styles and design concepts you can imagine, we can create the most suitable display stand for your product ranging. All our display stands have a high quality of fabrication, are made from high-quality materials and can be painted or stained to match the colors and requirements of your brand image.

If needed, we offer on-site service calls to identify your requirements, recommend solutions that are cost effective and time efficient and work with you to help design a solution that most clearly suits your needs. Our designers will combine all the features you specify into a stunning design that will meet your exact space and merchandising requirements.

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